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Keynote speaker at 3rd International Conference on Obesity and Diabetes

Amit Mehta will be a Keynote Speaker @ 3rd International Conference on Obesity and Diabetes in Spain on May 21-22, 2020. His topic will be “Personalized, contextual, real-time, interactive patient engagement can control obesity”. Elevare Systems.AI is developing a Voice-BOT for obesity management, rendered as an app, called “Khoch” (pronounced as ‘coach’), thus available 24×7, […]

Khoch pitched at HealthTech Arcade sponsored by Optum

Elevare Systems.AI pitched its virtual assistant, Khoch (pronounced ‘coach’), at the HealthTech Arcade event sponsored by Optum @ T-Hub. There were many submissions, but only 10 start-ups were given a chance to pitch, Elevare Systems.AI was amongst them. Khoch, is a Voice BOT, rendered on a smartphone and has a back-end system through which an […]

Elevare Systems selected for Lab32

Elevare Systems and Lab32 Elevate Systems.AI has been selected to be part of T-Hub’s (India’s largest start-up incubator) Lab-32 Batch 2 Program. There were over 500 applicants and only 45 has been selected and Elevare Systems.AI is one of them. This, in a way, is a redemption of the ‘voice-based virtual assistant’ called “Khoch” (pronounced /kəʊtʃ/), […]

US clinical practices & Google Ad campaign

Competitive landscape While living in US many years back, had seen the competition between pharma companies, with the intense commercials that ran on TV and radio. And yes, the Providers also used to advertize, but they generally used to be the big names/ brands. The marketing dollars are now getting spread to smaller clinical practices, […]

Staying invested…

Overview Recently, I attended a session of a referral network group. I had not attended it before, so was a 1st time experience. It is an interesting model, wherein we join this group by paying a fee and then we network with members, who can refer business, from their contacts. I joined the session as […]

Why a voice based virtual assistant?

Background The experience of running customer engagement program for diabetes clinics gave deep insights into the impact of constant interactions, motivations and education to patients. Each of our outbound calls to patients, was an educational call, telling them about impact of diabetes on brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, foot. Some of our calls were educating the […]