Amit Mehta will be a Keynote Speaker @ 3rd International Conference on Obesity and Diabetes in Spain on May 21-22, 2020. His topic will be “Personalized, contextual, real-time, interactive patient engagement can control obesity”.

Elevare Systems.AI is developing a Voice-BOT for obesity management, rendered as an app, called “Khoch” (pronounced as ‘coach’), thus available 24×7, for ‘intelligent’ conversations. It is like a ‘coach’ of an individual wanting to lose weight and thus acts as a buddy/ friend guiding him/ her to make healthy choices. The solution also has a web-based system, wherein partner nutritionists/ dieticians/ weight mgmt clinics get real-time data of the individual and can also assign a diet-plan. During the conversation, when asked, Khoch gives personalized meals of the day, as advised by a nutritionist. When asked, Khoch can schedule appointments with the nutritionist, in case any issues with the diet-plan. Khoch nudges the individual to stay healthy through educational tips, Do’s and Don’ts and other FAQs. It acts as a “Virtual Avatar” of a nutritionist, 24×7, but cannot replace them, as real-world advise is given by a nutritionist.

We are working on few Pilots and the interesting journey has begun.