Elevare Systems.AI pitched its virtual assistant, Khoch (pronounced ‘coach’), at the HealthTech Arcade event sponsored by Optum @ T-Hub. There were many submissions, but only 10 start-ups were given a chance to pitch, Elevare Systems.AI was amongst them.

Khoch, is a Voice BOT, rendered on a smartphone and has a back-end system through which an entity can manage it’s patient/ client base. Each patient can have it’s own unique diet and exercise plan added through the back-end, which Khoch will refer to, to nudge a patient/ obese person to lead a healthy life. It is a buddy/ companion who is with the person 24×7 and can be a great tool for FAQs, Do’s and Don’ts and Educational tips.

We are in discussions with # of entities and doctor community for adoption/ roll-out.