Recently, I attended a session of a referral network group. I had not attended it before, so was a 1st time experience. It is an interesting model, wherein we join this group by paying a fee and then we network with members, who can refer business, from their contacts. I joined the session as a visitor and at the end of the session, they asked me about my interest in joining the group. It was a tentative yes, coz wanted to know more about it, especially the members of this chapter were entrepreneurs in business verticals, where AI would just be a fad and very low possibility of business. But, one never knows, so a tentative yes.


Well, that tentative yes, led to a series of calls from the core team members, to join the group. My candid question was WIFM? Do they foresee any possibilities of any business for my organization? The folks on the call didn’t have an answer, so a F2F meeting was organized.

Staying invested…

The guys who came for F2F meeting tried to convince to join the group, even though there was no certainty or clarity re: any ROI. They kept saying that one should stay invested in the group and possibly, one fine day some dude may give some business.

Only that part clicked with me, not to join the group, but to staying invested. As a general principle it is to keep plugging, as long as one can or in other words if you have the means, staying invested in the mission that one is on. It definitely boils down to ability to sustain the mission, financially, emotionally and strategically. For us, financially, it is tight-rope walk, but as long as the team has the passion, we will stay invested in the product we are developing.

Carpe Diem!