Year 2020, a landmark year in human-kind, for the kind of medical, behavioral, economic and social changes it has brought, till date and we are just in July of 2020. The changes that have come about due to the new disease that mankind is facing, namely, Covid-19.

The calamity due to Covid-19 has brought about behavioral and social changes in how, we humans, go about life. With lockdowns, across countries, in spring of 2020, it was a tectonic shift in how humans will interact with each other, for months and years. Malls, bars, restaurants, theatres, sporting events and corporate offices, shutting down, has had tremendous economic impact and couldn’t be closed, for ever. As part of re-opening, new approaches are needed. That’s where Elevare’s partnership with Invento Robotics to promote it’s Covid-19 platforms in US, Middle East and India.

 Mitra, an NLP based robot that captures key clinical vitals and does contextual conversation, ensures screening of individuals before they can either enter an office or medical facility.






C-Astra, an autonomous robot that does UV sanitization, thus minimizing human exposure, is another critical platform that will help in the re-opening process of offices, manufacturing plants, malls and give confidence to humans, to start going about their lives.

Mitra and C-Astra are trademarks of Invento Makerspaces Pvt Ltd